This game was a sumission for the GMTK Game Jam 2020, and it remains as it was submitted. No modifications were done after the game jam deadline.

A simple Jam game about swarms of fighting peasants.

In-game "How To Play" section is not very clear. Please read the instructions below.

As orders scroll up on the left side of the screen, pushing any key or mouse click will make your swarms (red) engage in that action.

The Megaphone icon will make them chase Neutral (black) swarms, and try to convince them to join.

The Cross will make them chase the Church (yellow) swarms. When the two swarms clash, the biggest one will convince the smaller one to join them.

The Clashing Swords will make them chase the closest Army (blue) swarm. When the two clash, people from both swarms will die until there is only one remaining.

The Running Legs will make them flee the closest enemy.

PlatformsWindows, HTML5


Download 36 MB


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Does the game even work? i tried to click on all of the buttons of my keyboard and nothing happened

Sadly we did not have enough time to implement good player feedback. You can push any key (or mouse button) and the red troops will engage in the action pointed by the red arrow in the left.

We are aware that this is the biggest issue with the game.